Hospital Bag Checklist for Dads

You’ll need to pack a hospital bag with a few essential things, regardless of whether you’re staying at the hospital or not. A warning though, don’t get carried away and pack as if you’re going on a holiday as you won’t use or need much.

Hospital Bag for Dad

After watching my partner pack her hospital bag along with the baby bag, I almost didn’t take a bag from fear of not being able to carry all the bags. My lovely partner thought it was best to pack half her wardrobe because she didn’t know what she would fit into and wanted to make sure she looked presentable when leaving the hospital. She thought the baby bag should also have a wide variety of wardrobe options.

Although I took a bag to the hospital it had more of what I didn’t need and less of what I needed. I was thinking I would have a lot of time to fill in and didn’t want to get bored so packed probably enough things to keep me busy for 2 weeks. I realised my mistake when after the birth I had blood over my shirt from holding my little son but no shirt to change into.

At times where I needed to fill in time I just bought some newspapers at the hospital and read them. I wouldn’t have been able to focus to read a book. I also couldn’t focus on getting any work or blogging done. The closest I got to work was checking emails every now and then.

What Dad’s should pack in a hospital bag

  • Change of clothes (pants, shirt x2, underwear)
  • Toothbrush (use your partner’s toothpaste)
  • Comfortable shoes (you can’t be barefoot)
  • Camera, batteries, chargers etc.
  • Phone and list of people to contact
  • Snacks (high-energy snacks ideal)
  • Bottles of water
  • Music for you and also for your partner to listen to during birth
  • Gadgets & reading materials

Leading up to the birth, you’re not going to have a lot of time to fill in at the hospital and this is time your partner will need your support. After the birth, you’re going to be a proud new Dad and there’s lots that will be going on.  You’ll have people visiting, doctor checkups with the baby, possible classes or demonstrations to help you with your new baby, and you’ll enjoy some time alone with your partner just relaxing and taking it all in. Before you know it, it will be time to be discharged and head on home.

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